Protesters to police: 'Our communities are oppressed'

KENSINGTON (WPVI) -- Protesters took to the streets Saturday for the fourth day in a row in response to the deaths of two black men earlier this week at the hands of police.

They came equipped with signs, a heavy dose of anger and piercing words for police officers.

The message was clear: "This is why we are here today. Because our communities are oppressed. The Latino community is oppressed," said an unidentified protester.

Officers stood by and quietly, even apprehensively, looked on closely following the group of protesters.

The multiracial crowd of about 300 marched about a mile and a half from Mascher and Cambria streets to the 24th and 25th police districts. The demonstration was organized by Philly Coalition for REAL Justice.

"Listen we see it. Everybody sees it," said Cameron Siler of West Philadelphia. "I can't just not stay here and stay compliant anymore."

But not everybody sees it that way.

Upon arriving to the station, protesters were met with people like Megan Diaz. Her dad is a police officer.

"It's not fair, and I'm tired and that's why I'm out here. It needs to stop," said Diaz. "What happened in Dallas is disgraceful, and I don't want to go to anymore funerals."

Less funerals is about the only thing people on both sides can agree on.

"Why does it matter to me? Because people are being killed. People are being killed. People are being targeted. People are being discriminated against," said Joan Brooks of Germantown.
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