Purse thief targets seniors at Main Line grocery store

DEVON, Pa. (WPVI) -- Investigators on the Main Line are searching for a thief specifically targeting senior citizens at a grocery store.

Authorities released surveillance images of the female suspect, who is wanted for stealing from senior citizens twice inside the Acme store in Devon, Pa.

She wore the same scarf and sunglasses in each incident.

Detective Dan McFadden says she looks suspicious.

"Sunglasses at 8 o'clock in the morning, no shopping cart," he said, describing the woman's image in video from the first incident on November 10.

Once she's in the store she finds her victim.

In one surveillance clip, McFadden says she is seen "stalking" the senior citizen in the aisle.

When the victim's back is turned the thief walks by, takes her purse from the cart, then brazenly walks to the next aisle and takes the cash.

A good picture of her is caught on camera as she leaves the store.

It happens again on December 14. She stalked this victim in the produce section.

The victim turns her back to pick up something and the thief swoops in and grabs a purse.

She then ditches the purse and the wallet in an aisle before walking out the store.

In both incidents the suspect got away with $400 in cash.
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