New Castle mother abducted outside home remains missing, reward grows to $30K

NEW CASTLE, Del. -- A Delaware family is pleading once again for information in the disappearance of a young mother who seemingly vanished nearly a year ago.

"We would appreciate it to the fullest extent to please somebody step forward and tell me where my child is," Nefertiri Trader's mother Denise said.

Police say Neffie, her nickname to family and friends, was abducted in front of her home and forced into her own 2000 Acura at about 4:00 a.m. on June 30, 2014.

Neighbor Joe Robinson happened to see it.

Robinson explains, though, given previous incidents at that location, he was not sure what was transpiring. He thought maybe someone was ill.
"I heard a noise, looked out the window, saw a guy dragging her out of house, putting her in car. I don't know what happened. Maybe he was taking her to the hospital. When I came downstairs, the car was gone," Robinson said.

After many of its leads have run dry, authorities now plan to feature the missing woman on billboards.

They also tripled the reward to up to $30,000.

"We believe that we can solve this case, but we need help," New Castle County Police Chief E.M. Setting said.

Police declined to talk about their investigation into Trader's abduction.

They would not talk about her cell phone or reports it had been switched on last summer weeks after she was taken.

Neighbors remain baffled that after 11 months so little evidence has turned up.

"To not even find a trace of the car. I know she was taken in her car so to not find that...where is the car? At the bottom of a lake? Chopped up?" neighbor Karl Altevost said.

Neighbor Charlee Smith is concerned the abduction was a random act.

"It's scary. It makes the neighborhood feel unsafe," Smith said.