Sandusky appears before judge in bid for new trial

BELLEFONTE, Pa. (WPVI) -- Jerry Sandusky was back in court on Friday in a bid for a new trial.

The former Penn State assistant football coach is appealing his 2012 conviction for sexually abusing 10 boys.

Sandusky was seemingly in good spirits as he walked into court. When asked how he was doing, Sandusky replied, "I have a pulse."

Appellate attorney, Al Lindsay, called Sandusky's former defense attorney, Joe Amendola, as his first witness.

Lindsay accused Amendola of failing his client when he allowed Sandusky to be interviewed by Bob Costas prior to the trial.

Sandusky's infamous pause, when asked whether he was attracted to young boys, was introduced at trial.
Amendola said he agreed to the interview because he was trying to find friends in the media prior to the trial.

"Jerry and I talked about the opportunity to tell people, 'I'm innocent, I'm not guilty, and I intend to prove my innocence," Amendola said.

Throughout the morning session, Amendola drove home the points that he didn't have enough time to properly prepare for the sex abuse trial, and the fact he wasn't granted on continuance by trial judge John Cleland.

"There's no way he could have effectively represented him based on the time constraints that he was under, and I think that's a given," Lindsay said. "And our position is, for whatever reason, it was not effective assistance of counsel."

Cleland has since recused himself. Judge John Foradora is now presiding.

After the five-hour hearing on Friday, Sandusky's attorneys said it was a "good day" in the quest for a new trial.

Two more hearings in this matter are scheduled for May.

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