Survivor of deadly motorcycle crash records goodbye videos for his family

A motorcyclist in Tennessee who crashed down an embankment and spent 30 hours injured and waiting for help left a dying message on his cell phone, never knowing if he would be found.

According to ABC News, Kevin Diepenbrock was traveling with his friend, Phillip Polito, on a stretch of highway known as "The Dragon."

The two men crashed when Polito suddenly braked on a curve and was hit by Diepenbrock's bike.

Diepenbrock veered off the road and fell down a cliff. He spent more than a day alone with 17 broken bones from his spine to his ribs and punctured lungs.

Polito was killed after landing about 50 feet down the hill.

Not knowing if he was going to see his family again, Diepenbrock recorded cell phone videos.

"At about 10:30 this morning and been laying here since - about 50 feet down in the ravine," he says in one video.

He was finally rescued after 30 hours.

His family says they are happy to have him home and on the road to recovery.

Read the full report from ABC News.
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