This good Samaritan found abandoned quadriplegic man

COBBS CREEK (WPVI) -- If it hadn't been for a good Samaritan and a pair of deer, the young quadriplegic man who was abandoned in the Philadelphia woods may have died.

That victim, 21-year-old Daequon Norman, is recovering at the hospital. His mother, 41-year-old Nyia Parler, is facing attempted murder charges.

She is hospitalized in Maryland for an undisclosed reason. Police say she went to Maryland to visit her boyfriend after leaving Daequon alone. She faces a number of charges in this case, including attempted murder.

On Tuesday, Action News talked to that good Samaritan, Fitzroy Anderson.

Anderson said he was out walking Friday evening near Cobbs Creek Park when he spotted two deer.

"When I came right here I saw two deer, right over there. I got my camera to take my pictures and they ran down the creek," Anderson said. "So I followed them down the creek and I saw a wheelchair."

When he turned to go back, Anderson saw something else in the underbrush.

"I saw a nice little package, nice and neat. It had a little stick on it. What caught my eye was the stick on it was like a cross. It really caught my eye," he said.

Anderson nudged it with his foot and something moved. Anderson ran, thinking it was a wild animal. However, because of what he found, he soon decided to call police.

Police arrived to find Daequon, who had been missing for five days. Anderson led officers to that package.

"And when they opened it, it was a Bible on top of his chest. After I saw the bible, I just walked away. I didn't see his face, I didn't see what he looked like, I just walked away," he said.

Anderson thanks God for those two deer that led him to Daequon.

"Every time I talk about it, I get emotional. It's very sad, you know. But I got to save a life," Anderson said.

Anderson said he has four children of his own along with two grandchildren. He said he wanted to take a picture of those deer to show his grandkids.
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