Toddler rescued after being trapped under overturned boat

An incredible story of survival saw a little girl in Florida trapped underneath an overturned boat for nearly an hour in the pitch dark.

"I'm in the river. My boat crashed and I have a baby still in the water. Please God send someone now," Tammy Bossard told a dispatcher.

Bossard's toddler had disappeared after the family's boat capsized in the dark waters of Florida's Indian River.

The boat flipped upside down. Bossard, her husband and youngest daughter escaped, but the only sign of 23-month old Kennedy was her cries.

"We couldn't tell where the crying was coming from and we kept search and searching," Bossard told reporters.

For 13 long minutes, Tammy's husband and a bystander searched the pitch black waters, as she desperately guided rescuers to the scene.

"We're totally flipped upside down," she told the dispatcher at the time.

Fire and rescue trucks, sheriff's deputies and multiple police raced to the shoreline.

Officer Matt Rush and Corporal Alan Worthy leapt into the river with 30 minutes now gone.

With every passing second, the rescuers admit they began losing hope.

"We were just getting ready to leave, and that's when we heard a very light cry," Worthy said.

Forty-four minutes after little Kennedy was plunged into those waters, they found her floating in a life vest, under the boat, incredibly, tucked inside an air pocket.

"It was definitely a remarkable outcome," Rush said.

It was a remarkable outcome leading to an emotional reunion with little Kennedy back in her mother's arms.

"Thank you for saving my baby, saving our world, I can't imagine. I just can't imagine," Bossard said.
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