Troubleshooters: Medicare mix-up at eye doctor

Stephen Mahle went to the Sears Optical at the Montgomery Mall in North Wales to get a pair of glasses after cataract surgery.

Mahle says he was told, "I would pay the full amount up front, they would submit the claim and then Medicare would send the check directly to me."

But Mahle says he never got the check.

He says Sears Optical told him to talk to Medicare.

"And found out it was not a Medicare problem. The claim was never filed," said Mahle.

Mahle says after the claim was filed, there was another problem.

"Their Medicare ID had expired 15 days before I purchased my glasses," said Mahle.

Mahle not only wanted his reimbursement, he wanted to get to the bottom of the matter and warn other consumers.

"One of my friends said, 'Why don't you go to Nydia Han and Action News?' " said Mahle.

The Action News Troubleshooters got on the case, and we give a big pat on the back to our volunteer Vicki.
"She really persevered. She was a pleasure to work with," said Mahle.

Mahle finally got his reimbursement, and then some - a total of $307.50 to be exact.

But Mahle says more importantly, he feels vindicated on principle.

"I felt great to tell you the truth," said Mahle.

And there is a very important lesson here.

"Medicare does list the people who are approved, and I didn't check that list before I purchased," said Mahle.

Before you make a purchase from someone you believe to be a Medicare-authorized provider, do your homework.
It's easy to do. Just go to

Mahle will now. And so should you.

Luxottica owns Sears Optical and tells us:

"The Sears Optical associate submitted the Medical Claim as appropriate, unaware the ID had not yet been renewed. Renewal was in process with Medicare and it did take several months, longer than expected... Medicare would have only covered a portion, but given the wait, we felt it was necessary that Mr. Mahle received a full refund."

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