Two-way mirror in women's room of Berwyn bar investigated

BERWYN, Ill. -- Police are investigating after a comedian discovered a two-way mirror in the women's bathroom of a Berwyn bar.

The mirror at Cigars and Stripes was discovered by comedian Tamale Rocks, who videotaped the one-person bathroom over the weekend and posted it online.

The owner says that two-way mirror has been in the ladies room since 2001 and was once used for a Halloween prank. But some customers aren't laughing.

"There is no hanky-panky going on in that bathroom," Ronnie Lottz told the crowd at his bar Monday night. "I will not remove the mirror. I can't do it. I base my business on the fun house."

The bar owner was visited by police in the wake of the video.

"Explored it, opened the door, discovered the back of the door. And I was like, 'No, this is not cool,'" Rocks said.

The two-way mirror is directly across from the toilet, set in the door of a storage closet, which Monday night was occupied by a kitschy monster mannequin.

"I built my reputation on running a fun house," Lottz said.

There was mixed reaction to the revelation.

"I've been coming here for awhile, and the people are really awesome. They're fun, harmless," said patron Catherine Superdock.

"What's upset me the most is that they haven't apologized or said sorry if that made you feel uncomfortable," patron Angelica Perez said.

The bar is open. Berwyn police spent about an hour there Monday and declined to comment afterward.
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