Uber driver returns $3K to passenger who left wallet behind

CHICAGO -- An Uber driver in Chicago has karma on his side after he reunited a passenger with his lost wallet.

Jose Figueroa went to O-Hare International Airport to pick up a man who had just emigrated from Ukraine.

Figueroa drove the man about six miles to a home in River Grove, but later realized his passenger left a wallet with $3,000 inside.

The Uber driver remembered the passenger had told him he had sold his business and the cash was all he had.

"I mean there was temptation. I'll be honest with you. But me being a Christian, I couldn't. I wanted to make sure I sleep good, so that's what I did. I returned the money and the wallet," Figueroa said.

Figueroa went back to the home where he dropped the passenger off and thankfully the man's sister was there. When she saw him, Figueroa said she started crying.

The passenger's family insisted Figueroa stay for dinner and gave him $100 as a thank you.

"Jose and the thousands of Chicago drivers who share his zeal for terrific customer service are why Uber works so well here in Chicago. The city of broad shoulders is full of people with kind hearts and honest intentions. We are grateful that Jose chooses to partner with Uber," Uber Chicago General Manager Marco McCottry said.