Vacated home rigged with explosives in Massachusetts

MILTON, Mass. (WPVI) -- Police are trying to find the person who rigged a home with explosives in Massachusetts.

Investigators think the culprit is a renter who recently moved out.

The device was plastered behind the wall of a bedroom closet... And it was designed to blow up if a certain light switch had been flipped.

An electrician and the Landlord were inside conducting an inspection, when they noticed something was off.

"It had wires that were wired into the home that we believe the intention was that if someone switched the light switch on where it ended, the device would have exploded," said Milton Massachusetts Police Chief Richard Wells

A bomb squad spent hours disabling the device.

Police are still trying to locate the former tenants.

They're also suspected of pouring concrete down the drains before they moved out last week.
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