VIDEO: Babysitter allows gallons of water to drop on baby

GREENWOOD, IN (WPVI) -- A woman said she has fired her babysitter after seeing a cell phone video showing gallons of water being dumped on her seven-month-old baby.

The Greenwood Police Department and the Department of Child Services are investigating the incident.

The cell phone video has been shared thousands of times on Facebook.

"My newsfeed was lit up, there's was posts everywhere like whose baby is this," said Dixson.

Dixson told WISH in a phone interview she saw the video at work.

"When I first saw the video it was just like why would you put a child underneath so much water at once?" she asked.

She quickly realized the baby in the video was her daughter Annora and the woman standing next to her was her babysitter.

Dixson said she messaged the lady who shared the video on Facebook. That woman told her she was so concerned for the well-being of the baby and what she witnessed.

Dixson confronted the babysitter when she picked her daughter up.

"You allow that to happen, you allow to let her walk on her barefoot on the hot cement, you swing her high up on the swing multiple times," she said.

Dixson told the babysitter she won't be using her again.

"She was basically apologizing to me the whole time telling me how she's so sorry, she really didn't know that was the bucket that had the most water in it that dumped on her," she said.
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