VIDEO: Man throws 4-year-old boy off bridge

GRAYS HARBOR COUNTY, Wa. (WPVI) -- The dramatic video of a 4-year-old boy being flung off a bridge is hard to watch.

Eyewitnesses say cell phone video shows an unidentified man throw the boy off a Monetsano, Washington bridge while his mother watches on.

Now both adults are in hot water, facing charges of reckless endangerment and criminal trespassing.

Child Protective Services and the Grays Harbor Sheriff's Office say they are investigating the incident.

Fortunately, the boy survived the fall, but the images have shaken those who witnessed the event.

"Once he hit the water and he came up, he was just screaming and then the mom comforted him as he swam back," witness Kaylub Fawley says.

Fawley's friend Brianna Jones says she called 911 after she saw the child hit the water.

"I was scared 'cus at first I thought he was gonna smack his head on that lower beam," Jones says. "And then second, I thought he broke his neck 'cus he hit his neck right here and he had a life jacket on, so he got sucked up really fast."

Both say the boy was screaming and crying when he emerged from the water.
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