Video shows horrifying home invasion in Lawncrest

LAWNCREST (WPVI) -- A business owner and her 73-year-old mother are home from the hospital after being assaulted during a violent home invasion in Philadelphia's Lawncrest section that was captured on surveillance video.

Just before 9:30 p.m. Wednesday, Grimilda Jimenez, 56, arrived home in the 6400 block of Dorcas Street in the Lawncrest section.

As she opened the side door, she saw the first of the suspects approaching with his weapon raised.

She tried to get inside, but the suspect grabbed her as his accomplice approached.

"They forced the 56-year-old woman down on the kitchen floor," said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small. "They struck her in the face with the gun, causing injury to her lip."

Inside, Grimilda's 73-year-old mother Digna Silverio joined in on the struggle.

Both women were pistol-whipped.

Digna suffered a head wound requiring staples and a bruise on her arm.

On Thursday, Grimilda's daughter-in-law Becky Jimenez spoke to Action News, translating for the two women.

"The whole time her mother is inside and she had a little altercation with them. They pushed them inside then they demanded money off of her," Becky Jimenez said.

One suspect ransacked the bedroom while the other held the women at gunpoint in the kitchen. They left without taking anything.

Surveillance video shows the pair leaving out the front door.

Grimilda owns a small grocery store in Mayfair. Last week, she had her purse snatched. Her family and police believe the suspects came back Wednesday night looking for more.

"We believe this is completely targeted and obviously with her being a business owner, that would be the direction this investigation is going," Philadelphia Police Lt. Dennis Rosenbaum said.

After the purse snatching, the family upgraded their surveillance system so they're able to provide police with the clear video of the attack and the suspects getting away.

"This is just a coward act. Really, men to actually victimize older women and do what they did. That's being a coward," victim's son Calvin Jimenez said.

"It's really sad and it's really scary that we got to watch our backs coming into our own residence," Becky Jimenez said.

Police tell Action News there have been no similar attacks in the area, again, leading them to believe the victim was targeted.

"Why someone would strike a 76-year-old woman in the head and the face?" said Small. "I just don't understand."

Anyone with information is asked to contact Northeast Detectives.
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