Vigil honors 9/11 victims at Garden of Reflection

LOWER MAKEFIELD, Pa. (WPVI) -- As the sun set Saturday over the Garden of Reflection, hundreds gathered, remembering those who died on Sept. 11.

The names the 18 victims from Bucks County are etched in glass. One of those names, Joshua Reiss, left behind a devastated family in Yardley.

"I had a mother who could not get out of bed. I had a father who would run off to work to get away. And I had siblings who were just very much in pain," Joshua's sister Jennifer Reiss said.

As taps was played and candles lit, many young faces could be seen in the crowd.

The vigil an opportunity for Beth Ahlbourne to share the significance of 9/11 with her 9-year-old daughter.

"We were just in New York a couple weeks ago, and to explain this all happened where you were two weeks ago," said Beth Ahlbourne of Bensalem.

"It makes me think of all the hard times people have been through," said 9-year-old Laurel Dunn.

It's not an easy discussion, but one organizers hope parents will have.

"It needs to be passed on, and we need to be able to share the information so we can continue to bring about change in our world," said Michele Freiling, vigil organizer.

But as the twin fountains rise from the pool, it becomes clear, some things can never be fully explained.

"Why would people do this? I don't know why. It's just sad that people would do this in the world," said 9-year-old Rebecca Ahlbourne.
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