Woman paid to have romantic rival killed, Dallas police say

DALLAS -- Police in Dallas have launched a manhunt for the woman who they say masterminded a murder for hire.

Officials say 33-year-old Brenda Delgado paid to have Dr. Kendra Hatcher, popular pediatric dentist who was Delgado's romantic rival, killed.

Delgado may now be the most-wanted woman in Dallas.

"She is a fugitive at this point," said Major Max Geron of the Dallas Police Department, "wanted at this point for capital murder."

Authorities say Delgado appears to be a woman scorned.

Her dermatologist ex-boyfriend is seen in a Facebook post with his new girlfriend, Hatcher, whom Delgado allegedly targeted.

Search warrants obtained by ABC News claim Delgado stalked her ex's new love, even using an iPhone to track her movements on the night last month when she was shot to death in the parking lot of her luxury Dallas hi-rise.

On Friday, police finally tracked down the alleged trigger man: 31-year-old Kristopher Love, who detectives say still had the murder weapon with him.

He is now behind bars on capital murder charges.

So is 23-year-old Crystal Cortez, who was arrested last month.

Police say she admits it was her behind the wheel of the getaway car, that Love allegedly got out, shot Hatcher and that Cortez drove him away.

"It was a murder for hire," said Geron, a crime so ruthless police say the woman accused of masterminding it would only pay the alleged hit man $500 if he brought her Hatcher's driver's license as proof the deed was done.

Dallas police interviewed Delgado last month, days after the murder, but they let
her go.

Now, weeks later, she's gone. And all police can do is beg her to turn herself in.
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