Woman rescued after tree falls on 2 cars in Roxborough

ROXBOROUGH (WPVI) -- A woman was rescued after a tree fell onto two cars in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia.

"It was an ordinary day except for a giant tree on top of two cars," said John Nishiea of Roxborough.

The incident occurred along the 7900 block of Henry Avenue around 10 a.m. Sunday.

"I was wondering if anybody was hurt because it was pretty bad," said Nishiea.

One was parked, the other was a passing car simply there when the tree came crashing down, trapping a 74-year-old woman inside.

"People were saying we could hear her, so we knew she was alive. That was before the fire trucks even saw her," said John Veasey of Roxborough.

People watched in disbelief wondering if the woman inside could survive. What they saw crushed any glimmer of hope.

"They were just struggling, they didn't know how to react. People were in tears. Everyone was just so shocked," said Veasey.

Police and firefighters responded, and soon rescued the woman, who was taken to Einstein Medical Center in stable condition.

"Oh that's wonderful. That's good to hear," said Nishiea.

Still, for many it's hard to believe anyone could've gotten out of the incident alive.

"It was definitely a God thing, the fact that, that person didn't get killed because that tree was so big," said Veasey.
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