Woman rescued from sinking SUV in Minneapolis

It was frightening moments for a woman in Minneapolis, when her SUV crashed into a frozen pond, and began to sink.

Ann Lund says her windows had fogged up, and she couldn't see when her SUV veered off the road.

It went right into the frozen pond Tuesday.

Several good Samaritans saw it happen, and rushed to save her.

They grabbed a wooden pallet, and yelled to her that they would get her out safely.

Voice of Ken McNamara, Good Samaritan, "I said 'close your eyes' because a lot of glass and we pushed the rest of the glass out of the way and pulled her out of the vehicle."

Lund was able to walk on her own to a waiting ambulance and warm up.

Other than some minor cuts, she was okay.

The Minnesota state patrol is praising the quick actions of the men, saying they likely saved her life.