Woman returns from vacation to find people living in her home

OKLAHOMA -- A woman in Oklahoma got quite the welcoming party when she returned home from vacation to find someone living in her house.

The woman said neighbors told her people were moving into her house while she and her fiancé were on vacation in Mexico.

When she rushed home, the alleged squatters provided a lease to police, claiming they were the victims of a Craigslist scam. Police didn't make any arrests.

"They broke into my home, they crawled underneath the garage door, they have vandalized the home, and nothing is being done," the homeowner said. "It should be breaking and entering."

Experts say the best strategy is to make the house look occupied while you're away.

Have neighbors check on your home if you can't, and set up a Google alert with your address to help flag scams.

It also helps to have a copy of documents proving you are the homeowner.