Woman says dispute with Uber driver turned violent in Yeadon

YEADON, Pa. (WPVI) -- A woman has filed a criminal complaint against an Uber driver with police in Yeadon after a ride early Monday morning she says she'll never forget.

Shaneka Bowen showed us the very spot where her Uber ride took a violent turn.

"He stopped right here, I'm in the back seat, and then he grabs my arm and he's like physically yanking me out of a car," said Bowen. "I caught my fall so he didn't hurl me onto the sidewalk."

Bowen ordered her 40-minute ride through the ridesharing service app.

It started at West Oak Lane and was supposed to end at her friend's home in Yeadon.

Instead, she says the driver forced her out of his car at Longacre Boulevard and Parkview after a dispute over the destination's address.

"He gets out of his driver side, comes on the side where I am, opens the door (and says), 'You're gonna have to get out.' I said, 'Sir, it's dark outside, it's raining,' " said Bowen. "I'm scared that he's pulling me out of the car, but I'm also scared that I'm in an unfamiliar area."

A police report was filed, but Yeadon police were not available to answer our requests for comment.

Bowen also notified Uber of the encounter over a series of emails.

The ridesharing service said in a statement to Action News they, "do not condone this type of behavior from drivers," and, "immediately removed the driver's access to our app," meaning he can no longer drive for Uber.

"It makes me feel better that he won't be able to do that," said Bowen. "I'm hoping that they're being truthful, and he won't be able to do this to anybody else."

While Uber says they've launched a full investigation, they say they've also full refunded Bowen for her trip.
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