NJ officials gather to discuss gun violence

TRENTON, N.J. (WPVI) -- New Jersey mayors, local police, state officials and gun violence prevention experts gathered at the governor's office Tuesday after two shootings in Trenton.

"It's been a rough run here in Trenton and I want to say most importantly as a matter of sympathy and prayer our hearts and prayers and thoughts are with the victims," said Governor Phil Murphy.

Around 11:30 p.m. Monday six people were shot on Walnut Avenue. One young man was killed.

Early Saturday morning, 10 people were shot and injured in a drive by shooting on Brunswick Avenue.

On Tuesday, a round table discussion with state and local officials, including Trenton Mayor Reed Gusciora.

"Even one shooting is too many. Trenton can't continue to be a tale of two cities. Where you have people trying to have economic development and improvements to education and then you have neighborhoods that are racked with gun violence," said Gusciora.

On Walnut Avenue, where 18-year-old Unique Anderson was killed, we found a memorial to the young man, who went by the nickname "Boogie."

We spoke with a woman who knew the victim who didn't want to be identified.

"Nice kid. He just had a baby. The baby's at least 7 months old. He was a nice young man. But again, if you're involved with gang stuff, that's what happens," she said.

At this point investigators do not believe this shooting is related to the drive-by shooting early Saturday morning.

These recent shootings stir up memories of last year's shooting at the Art All Night Festival in Trenton. More than 20 people were shot at the event that showcases local artists.

Neighbors are hoping officials and policy makers will make some progress when it comes to gun violence.

"That's crazy. It shouldn't be like that. You should be able to come outside. You can't come outside anymore," said Tara Warren from Trenton.

Several officials expressed that it is too easy to buy a gun in New Jersey and that cities need more resources for community policing.

No motives have been released in the recent Trenton shootings and no arrests have been made.
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