Driver to deputy during Florida traffic stop: 'No wonder you people get shot'

PALM BEACH COUNTY, FL -- A woman caught driving 51 mph in a 20 mph school zone in Florida had some outrageous words for the officer who pulled her over, and it was all caught on dash cam video.

"No wonder you people get shot," the 62-year-old woman is heard muttering to a Palm Beach County Sheriff's deputy, who initiated the traffic stop last week.

After asking to see her license and registration, the woman responds in kind, asking for identification well beyond the deputy's badge, including his own driver's license.

Then she asks to see proof of her speed.

And then, she grovels.

"Can you just give me a warning?" she asks. "Please, I'm begging you."

As the deputy walks away from the vehicle after issuing her a citation, the driver continues to stew, ranting inaudibly as the dash cam video rolls.

The deputy, who is part of Palm Beach County's aggressive driving unit, decides to submit her driver's license for re-examination, since the driver feigned ignorance about her violation and his duty to protect and serve the community.

"Quit ma'am-ing me," she quips angrily in the profanity-laced video. "I'm not a ma'am!"