NJ kids kick off 2017 early with Noon Year's Eve celebration

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (WPVI) -- The hallway at the Katz Jewish Community Center in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, erupted Friday as about 100 students from the early childhood center and their teachers celebrated the New Year a little bit early. They call it Noon Year's Eve.

"The little ones are asleep come New Year's and they just love celebrating. So we decided why not have it Noon Year's Eve, when it's their lunchtime, middle of the day. They're up they're excited," said Early Childhood Director Donna Snyder.

There were noisemakers, and the children were sporting fancy 2017 hats they made themselves.

We asked little Emma if she was proud of her hat adorned with glitter and jewels.

"Yes. ... Cause it's pretty," said Emma.

And to make the celebration complete, bottoms up! The kids also toasted the New Year.

"We use a little apple juice for their toasting. They make their hats and they do their own handmade confetti," said Snyder.

"I liked it. ... I like when we throwed stuff in the air," said Molly.

"They love throwing the confetti. They can get this out and turn it up, the balloons. So they enjoy it," said Teacher Assistant Cynthia Carney.

As adults, we make New Year's resolutions like "I want to lose weight" or "I want to be a better person". What do little ones think about when they think about the New Year?

"Well I was looking forward to going to Bubby's house," said Molly.

"I'm going to the zoo," said Keith.

Like any party, it got a little loud, and while it's not quite Times Square, when you see the aftermath, you have to pity the person who does the cleanup.
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