NC teacher battling breast cancer scammed on Zillow while looking for dream home

DURHAM, North Carolina (WPVI) -- A North Carolina teacher is warning others after she was scammed on Zillow while looking for her dream house.

Angela Nunn, who is battling breast cancer, set out to find her dream home and instead found herself the victim of a scam.

Nunn was scrolling for houses to rent on the real estate website Zillow when she came across what seemed to be the perfect house.

A few days later, a man reached out to her by text, offering to rent her the home and sent a code so she could take a closer look.

Nunn said before she could get the code, she had to immediately deposit her first month's rent and security deposit into his bank account.

"I withdrew $1,135. Why else would he have the correct code to get in it wasn't on the up and up?" Nunn said.

Police said the scammer used a website that allows prospective renters to buy access to listed homes.

Investigators are trying to trace the cash to track down the scammer.

Officials said to always use a check when making any deposit so payment can be stopped or traced.

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