Officer impersonator pulls over real cop, gets arrested

UPLAND, Calif. -- A man in California is accused of impersonating a police officer while trying to pull over a real one.

Authorities said 23-year-old Imroj Singh flipped on his red and blue lights while unknowingly trying to stop a detective who was in an unmarked car in Upland.

Video released Thursday shows the flashing lights from Singh's Jeep Wrangler.

The Rancho Cucamonga detective realized the man wasn't an officer and put on his real lights and sirens.

The Jeep sped off, but eventually stopped and Singh got out.

Police said Singh bought the police lights online and had them installed in his vehicle's front grill to make it look like he was an undercover officer.

Singh was arrested and is facing a misdemeanor charge for impersonating an officer.

Detectives believe that Singh may have previously used the police lights to stop other citizens.