One Liberty Observation Deck set for opening

CENTER CITY (WPVI) -- The new observation deck at the top of the iconic skyscraper One Liberty Place offers breathtaking sights of Philadelphia and beyond, and in just one week visitors can experience the newest attraction that offers much more than a great view.

One Liberty Observation Deck is 57 floors up - 883 feet above street level - and boasts floor to ceiling windows and 360 degree views. From this vantage point you can see City Hall, the Camden Waterfront, and even the cooling towers in Limerick.

General Manager Evan Evans says, "Today we're looking at Limerick; today we're looking at Trenton; today we're looking beyond Wilmington. So, right now visibility is about at 40 miles."

Evans explains the finishing touches are in the works, the final push to the public opening.

The idea is to offer a new vantage point from the top of the iconic skyscraper, but not be so far removed as to not feel the presence of the city you're overlooking. Even the music that's playing, all has a Philadelphia connection.

"If you only had an hour in Philly, this is the place to do it, because you're going to see what Philly really represents - what the heart and soul of Philadelphia is," Evans said.

Ben Franklin is a theme throughout the observation deck, with part of a larger than life statue of Ben greeting you on the second floor - his mammoth size 96 feet. And one 75 second ride in an express elevator later, his head is up on 57.

Evans says, "Everybody rushes to two things when they get up here. First to take a pic of themselves with Ben Franklin, and second is to look out and see something they're familiar with."

Six multilingual interactive touch screen kiosks are provided to assist your own eyes. You can zoom in and out of neighborhoods, different landmarks, and other points of interest. Text pops up where you can learn more.

This penalty box is one of three chair zones where you can sit and learn about area sports, music, and culture. And while the photo ops are countless, there's just something about being there and seeing it in person.

Evans says, "It's extraordinarily powerful but you can't articulate it in picture, you can't articulate it in words, you just have to see it."

And you can, starting on November 28th.
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