Alicia Vitarelli chats with Chris Pratt, Tom Holland from Pixar's new movie 'Onward'

In theaters now, "Onward," the latest Pixar film, is about two brothers on a magical, epic adventure to bring their father back to life for just one day.

The two main actors are no strangers.

Chris Pratt and Tom Holland play brothers, Barley and Ian Lightfoot. Turns out, they have a similar relationship in real life.

Holland was just a teenager when he first entered the Marvel Universe and says Pratt took him under his wing.

They're reuniting for the new film that's full of magic and adventure.

"It's amazing, I feel like I am in safe hands," Holland says.

"There's something similar about our relationship, you can even see it in the physicality," Pratt laughs.

Holland and Pratt first met in the Marvel galaxy and now Spider-Man and Star-Lord are teaming up once again.

"This film is all about relationships and brotherhood and Chris and I have worked together for the last 5 years," Holland says.

"We have a pretty strong friendship which you could kind of call a brotherhood," Pratt says.

"They have a big brother, little brother quality," says director, Dan Scanlon. "Tom seems really enamored with Chris, and Chris takes care of Tom in a sweet way, but also gives him a hard time."

"Onward" is based on Scanlon's real-life story.

The only memory he had of his late father was a voice recording and he always imagined a chance to see him in person - if only, just for one day. Scanlon hopes after you see the movie, you hold your loved ones a little closer.
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