Signs your kids may be overscheduled

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Monday, April 13, 2015

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Finally, the winter doldrums are over, and everyone is getting outside and keeping busy.

For kids, there are spring sports, plays, dance, music programs and many other activities.

Those extra-curricular activities can help kids develop their talents and learn time management.

However, some youngsters can become over-scheduled.

Psychologists say some warning signs may be - kids who look or act tired, or are irritable and grumpy.

And if their grades start to slip, or you're spending more time in the car going from place to place than being at home, it may be time to dial it back.

Experts say time with family, or even doing nothing, is equally important.

Kristen Eastman, PsyD, a child psychologist at Cleveland Clinic Children's center, says, "Having some time to chill out, veg out as a family, watch a movie, play some games, and let them do nothing sometimes. Or time to just be creative, time to be outside exploring."

Dr.Eastman says instead of trying everything, kids should pick an activity they really like.

They'll be more likely to stay motivated and involved, rather than just going through the motions.