Ozzy the sea turtle gets CT scans for disease impacting his shell

Woolwich Township, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Ozzy the sea turtle from the Adventure Aquarium in Camden, NJ needed important CT scans due to a disease impacting his shell.

Doctors needed to check the progression of a disease and the Saint Francis Veterinary Center in Woolwich Township was able to help.

Ozzy was part of a rehab and release program, but his developmental issues make it impossible for him to survive in the wild.

When Ozzy was brought to Adventure Aquarium, it was clear that he was handicap and was unable to make his way to the ocean with the rest of the hatchlings.

Ozzy has Ulcerative Shell Disease, which appears as major lesions on his shell.

The doctors at Adventure Aquarium determined Ozzy was still able to enjoy a good quality of life under human care and decided to keep him under their supervision.

However, Ozzy's condition still makes it harder for him to swim and it is unlikely that he will have the same lifespan as other sea turtles.

Doctors were able to get Ozzy in for a CT scan to see what was really going on and aid in determining the best course of treatment for Ozzy's on-going care.

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