PennDOT getting ready to clear the roads ahead of snowstorm

NORRISTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- As the snow began to fall across parts of our region on Sunday, road crews were bracing for this first blast of winter of the new year.

Crews have been prepping for this storm for days. PennDOT started pretreating the roads Friday with salt and brine.

"We're going to keep them passable, but the road is not going to be free of snow and ice. It's just not," said PennDOT spokesman Brad Rudolph.

PennDOT says the safest place for you during the storm is at home. It has hundreds of trucks out throughout the region pretreating roads, and they're ready to plow when the snow starts to pile up.

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"We're hoping that initial pre-treat helps with some of the bonding. We can get some of that snow up pretty quickly, and don't have a coating of ice with snow on top of that which could cause real slick conditions," Rudolph said.

Crews are worried about the potential for blowing and drifting snow too, and warn that any road that looks wet could be icy.

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As trucks were loading up, people in Norristown were gassing up. Some are excited about a potential snow day.
"Just my favorite time of year. I think it's pretty and everything, everything gets really quiet. It's nice. And it's my son's first winter," said Rachael Hendricks.

"My daughter, she's like 18 months old, so it will be pretty exciting for her to play in the snow. It's probably like her second time ever being in the snow," said Nicole Fergale.

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Others see it as an opportunity.

"Shovel snow! If you can't get out there and do it, I'll gladly get out and do it. Older people? You get it for free from me," said Bryon Adams.

If you do have to be out in the storm, make sure you have an emergency kit, extra warm clothes, water, a blanket and - in this age of COVID - an extra mask.
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