Pa. woman charged with torching boyfriend's truck after argument

WEST NEWTON, Pa. -- A 19-year-old Pennsylvania woman is facing arson charges after police say she set her boyfriend's truck on fire following an argument.

Marian Warman is alleged to have thrown an open gas can into the rear of the truck, then lighting a piece of paper and tossing it into the truck setting it ablaze, according to ABC affiliate WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh via CNN.

Video of the vehicle engulfed in flames was taken by a neighbor. The fire completely charred the inside of the car and melted the siding of the home. Neighbors report power was also knocked out for nearly four hours.

Police say an argument at a Burger King precipitated the incident. During the altercation, Warman is alleged to have struck her boyfriend in the face and arms and threatened to set the truck on fire.

"People should think before they do things," Tom Spano, a neighbor, told WTAE-TV. "I mean, she burned the wires off. She put both these houses in danger, you know, of catching them on fire, which it actually could've caught my house on fire had they caught fire. She could've burned three houses."
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