California parents charged in baby's death reveal chilling details

CULVER CITY, Calif. -- Chilling details about the final moments of 6-month-old Jacsun Manson are revealed in court documents obtained exclusively by KABC-TV.

Culver City, California investigators chronicle a twisting path to obtain accurate information from the transient parents who initially gave conflicting stories.

Ultimately, Adam Manson, 34, and Kiana Williams 32, confessed to detectives that they were "chronic methamphetamine and marijuana users," smoking every day.

It was at King Motel in Los Angeles on New Year's Eve, Manson said he awoke and took the baby from Kiana's arms as she was crying.

He said, "Jacsun was hot to the touch and his limbs were limp...Jacsun was not breathing and was unresponsive."

In a separate interview, Kiana Williams described moments of desperation, attempting CPR but that Jacsun was deceased.

What could be critical in prosecuting the couple, they said they never called police, "out of fear that they would be arrested for Jacsun's death."

They told detectives they rented the room for a second night and continued to smoke meth.

Kiana Williams recalls details about how she wrapped the lifeless body.

"Blue 'onesie' pajamas that had red accents on the cuffs...a gray blanket..a black trash bag... a pillowcase...a black Adidas duffel bag," then placing the bundle in a rolling suitcase.

The pair say they scoped out several sites to dispose of the body, ending up behind the Sears store at Baldwin Hills Plaza and placing the luggage in a dumpster.

Culver City detectives were able to track down the sanitation worker who did the pickup. He recalled seeing luggage that was dark red which stood out for the foul odor and because the dumpster was designated for green trash only.

A one-day search of a Corona landfill turned up no sign of the baby.

The Culver City Police Department is now assessing when or if to resume digging.

The parents are charged with child abuse causing death.

If Jacsun's remains are found, an autopsy could reveal details to support additional charges.
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