Parking meters get yarn bombed for Lyme disease awareness

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016
VIDEO: Parking meters get yarn bombed for Lyme disease awareness
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We are officially in tick season.

NEWARK, Delaware (WPVI) -- We are officially in tick season.

So to raise awareness and help prevent Lyme Disease, there's a creative new campaign in Newark, Delaware.

Parking meters along East Main Street are wrapped in light green knitted covers.

The "yarn bombing," as it's called, was done by two volunteer groups - the Newark Free Library 'Yarnivores' and 'Knit Together in Love.'

Several of the knitters have had Lyme Disease.

Mimi Eastman, who recently joined the NFL Yarnivores, has struggled with nerve pain from Lyme disease.

"I hope awareness will spare someone from going through what I have been through and still struggle with today. Knitting and crochet help me cope with my pain and stay off my feet, where the most nerve damage has been done," says Eastman.

The parking meter covers will be there till the end of May, Lyme Disease Awareness Month.

Newark employees are also taking part in the "take a bite out of Lyme Disease" challenge, posting videos of themselves biting into a lime - and daring others to do the same.

"We know Lyme disease impacts so many of our friends and neighbors throughout the state," said Mayor Polly Sierer. "These simple acts allow us to help bring awareness to the disease, highlight prevention efforts and encourage increased funding for diagnosis and treatment efforts."

The challenge was organized by the International Lyme and Associated Disease Society.

The videos have received thousands of views online.

Delaware is ranked as one of the top 14 states for diagnoses.

Remember to check yourself for ticks after you spend time in wooded areas, parks, or even your own backyard.

Click here to learn the proper way to remove a tick.

The CDC estimates there will be over 300,000 new cases in the United States each year.

Children ages five - 14 are at greatest risk of acquiring Lyme disease and constitute approximately 25% of all reported cases.

If diagnosed in the early stages, Lyme may be effectively treated.

Join the Lyme Disease Challenge at Take A Bite Out of Lyme Disease.