Months-long scarecrow exhibit opens in Bucks County

NEW HOPE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Some are scary, some are scary good at basketball and others may only scare cartoon characters. Whatever your taste may be, there are 200 scarecrows for visitors to judge at Peddler's Village in Bucks County.

"We have 42 acres here at Peddler's Village," said Joseph Albert, a director at the attraction.

This is the 40th anniversary of the event. About a hundred of the scarecrows are designed by different groups and businesses from around Lahaska. The other hundred come from businesses inside Peddler's Village.

"We have firefighters, the police will do it. We have boy scouts and girl scouts," Albert said.

At the village on opening day was a set of twins. Jayne Smith lives in Bucks County and her twin, Carol Kaplow, lives in Delaware County. They were continuing the celebrations for their 70th birthday.

"I used to say this about my sister," explained Jayne Smith. "I would forget things in my childhood, and she's my twin, so it's like I had my own personal biographer following me around."

Kaplow used to live in Bucks County but moved away. She said it was a necessity to come to Peddler's Village while she's visitng.

The scarecrows exhibit is now open and runs through October 27.

Village visitors also have the chance to vote on their favorite displays through October 7. The grand prize winner gets $350 and a free dinner for four inside the village.
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