Art of Aging: 90-year-old woman keeps family business going

BRISTOL, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Family-owned businesses have gone by the wayside in many neighborhoods but one Bristol business is defying the odds and thriving.

Meet a 90-year-old woman who has spent a lifetime behind the counter in this week's Art of Aging.

If you've ever visited Mazzanti's Market, then you would recognize Irma Mazzanti Nocito as a mainstay at the family-owned business.

"Yes, I was born in this house and I did the same thing for as long as I could remember," said Irma.

Mazzanti's Market was opened in 1917 by her parents.

Being one of six kids she says she learned to help out at an early age.

"You know so we all had our job. We loved it. We were a very happy family," said Irma.

Today, you can still find Irma behind the counter with family.

Working with her daughter, Elvira, and nephew, Mario, who now runs the business.

"I come in the store and I cut lunch meat, and I make sandwiches. That's what makes me happy," said Irma.

Mario Marozzi, owner of Mazzanti's Market said, "Her main focus is, to get up and gotta go to work. She runs rings around me."

Her nephew came up with the market's now-famous hoagie about 25 years ago helping to cement Mazzanti's as a local tradition.

"We have everything. We're always open. And that's how come we've survived for 102 years," said Irma.

And Irma says the store helped her to survive a battle with lymphoma at age 85.

"I came back to touch this counter every day. I say this counter saved me. That's how much this store means to me," said Irma.

She takes little time off and says she doesn't even think of retirement.

"The store might not run without me," she (laughs).

Irma says she's enjoyed watching generations of families walk through their doors.

"I have a love affair with this business. And this kept me going. All of my life I loved it, and I love it, and I still love it," said Irma.
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