Hospital providing walk-in mental health care, homeless outreach during Pope's visit

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Friday, September 25, 2015

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Health care facilities around Philadelphia are ready for the pope's visit.

Many will have extra staff and longer hours - and that includes one specializing in mental health.

The Hall-Mercer Behavioral Health Unit of Pennsylvania Hospital will have special hours.

"From Friday 7 a-m to Monday 7 a-m, we're going to offer a walk-in psychiatric evaluation for people who may or may not be seen in the medical tents," says Patty Inacker, the director of operations for Hall-Mercer.

And the walk-in clinic will be ready for both residents and visitors to the city.

Inacker says Pope Francis seems to generate a lot of strong emotions among followers.

"We expect to see the gamut of people who are particularly anxious, or people who are overwhelmed. I think the majority of people will feel overwhelmed by the number of people who are in their "space," " says Inacker.

In addition to the walk-in clinic, Hall-Mercer's Crisis Response Center will also be open.

And its outreach teams will continue to work on the streets, to make sure the city's homeless population is doing well.