Ridley Township flower business delivers smiles, happy tears to community amid pandemic

RIDLEY TOWNSHIP, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A flower business in Ridley Township, Delaware County used its inventory to bring smiles and some tears to the community on Saturday.

Since they could not open their flower stands for Easter, Brian Dempsey and Chris Armstrong, of B&C Flowers, loaded up their box truck and spent about 10 hours giving out flowers to members of the community.

"We went door to door basically driving down the street with a box truck, bagging them and urging them on people's doorsteps," said Dempsey. "Got a lot of, 'Thank you's.' Got a lot of tears from people on social media. So, it was very good to hear from that standpoint."

A flower recipient echoed that response.

"We called up (Action News) to find out who these guys were because we wanted to say thank you. It meant a lot during a rough day. So thank you, thank you very much guys," said a recipient of the flowers.

Dempsey and Armstrong said they wanted to thank everyone for their continued support and are looking forward to a day off after a day well spent.
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