Organization for working moms, by working moms offers a sisterhood amid the pandemic

DREXEL HILL, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- The COVID-19 pandemic has been what many working mothers call "simply unsustainable."

An organization started by mothers, for mothers, is now helping those moms launch their own businesses and truly achieve the coveted work, life balance.

Officials say one in four women are walking away from the workforce, what many refer to as a "Pink Recession."

Pepperlane is aiming to help these women navigate these tough times and help each other start, run, and grow their own businesses.

"I think we should all recognize that this is not a recession. I think it's a 'she-session,'" said Pepperlane founder Sharon Kan.

Kan said it's time to shake that up. That's the "pepper" in Pepperlane.

"Let's just spice it up. Let's just change the rules," Kan added.

She's also setting out to help moms find their niche in this pandemic, turning obstacles into opportunities.

"The level of creativity that I've seen during COVID is unbelievable," Kan said. "I actually think now is an opportunity to design our jobs."

That's exactly what Chester Springs communications consultant and mother of two Brandyn Campbell did following the death of George Floyd.

"I am now helping organizations articulate and build a commitment to racial justice and equity and inclusion into their workforce," Campbell said.

She says Pepperlane helps working moms align personally and professionally.

"I realized that this is the piece that was missing," Campbell added. "Even though I was a mom who was at home, I wasn't a stay-at-home mom."

Erica Desper runs Confident Parenting out of her home in Drexel Hill.

She's created a service that's the "village" all parents seek.

"If someone has a picky eater or a postpartum mood issue, or they need an overnight doula or sleep training, they can just find everybody in one spot," Desper said.

For her, Pepperlane is a sisterhood of female leaders.

"We're building businesses for ourselves, but it doesn't have to be by ourselves," added Desper.

Kan says she's also very clear on this: money is power.

She built this to make sure women feel valued, respected and know that the working mom has a place in the business world.
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