GoPro footage captures mesmerizing 'smack' of jellyfish

MONTEREY BAY, CALIF. (WPVI) -- The correct name for a group of jellyfish is called a "smack"... and this is quite the smack!

Connor Gallagher, an underwater photographer, took video of the smack of jellyfish in the waters of Monterey Bay, California.

He rigged a custom-built GoPro tow cam and pulled it behind the boat to capture the mesmerizing footage.

He says, " "My friend and I were out on his boat in the middle of the Monterey Bay, when we came across a smack that seemed simply infinite. There were jellies as far and as deep as we could. I deployed my custom-built GoPro tow cam, and pulled it behind the boat and recorded this footage."

Gallagher posted his video to Instagram this past January, although the footage was taken in June 2017.

The footage is beautiful but comes with a price to pay: his fingers hurt when he took the camera out of the water because it was covered in jelly stingers.
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