Man speaks out after being bitten in the face by snake

We are now hearing from the man whose innocent door knock turned into the surprise seen around the internet.

Viral video shows Jerel Haywood walking up to a friend's door last week and promptly getting bitten, in the face, by a snake.

The frightening ordeal was caught by a doorbell camera.

Haywood immediately implored his friend to take him to the hospital, fearing the snake could be venomous.

Luckily, it wasn't.

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Doorbell video captured a snake jumping out and biting a man in the face as he approached his friend's front door in Oklahoma.

"I'm not a snake lover, never have been, never will be. To me, a snake is a snake. Poisonous or not, it's a snake," Haywood said.

Haywood was bitten right around his right eye.

He says he's sore, but is doing well after a round of antibiotics.

As for the snake, a neighbor ensured that snake won't be biting anyone else ever again.
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