Most dog owners take more photos of their pets than of their friends

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How much do you love your pet? (Shutterstock)

How much do you love your dog?

The pet care site surveyed dog lovers and discovered that 54 percent of dog people would consider ending a relationship if they thought their dog didn't like their partner.

This and many more surprising answers were revealed in the survey titled The Truth About Dog People.
For dog lovers that are obsessed with posting photos of their pet, don't worry, you're not alone. According to the survey, 29 percent of dog people post more pictures of their dog on social media than friends, family, or themselves. Additionally, 65 percent of dog lovers take more photos of their animals than they do friends or even their significant others.

Other revealing answers included items like 29 percent of dog people said they would include their dog in family moments like holiday cards, vacations and marriage proposals and 56 percent of dog owners have celebrated their dog's birthday.

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