Owner steals back dog after he was 'dognapped'

BROOKLYN, New York (WPVI) -- A New York City dog owner was determined to get her pup back after an alleged "dognapping."

Jessica Gary says her 15-year-old chihuahua "Fidel" was taken from right under her nose.

They were out for a walk last weekend during "off leash" hours when Gary says the dognapper came out of nowhere.

She quickly made three posters offering a $3,000 reward.

Days later, she and a friend were driving around Brooklyn when Gary saw a couple walking a very familiar looking dog.

Gary and her friend then took the dog back.

"I would say we brought Fidel back to his rightful home," Gary says.

Gary says she thinks the couple that had Fidel either found him and thought he was a stray or bought him, and the real dognapper is still on the loose.
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