Philadelphia conductor debuts music for PSPCA's homeless animals

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- It looks like the PSPCA, but doesn't sound like it.

Three hundred twenty-six tracks of classical compositions soothing the ears of felines and Fidos, created by none other than Philadelphia Orchestra Music Director, Yannick Nezet-Seguin, best known for conducting the symphony.

"I started to make music for my cats, play music for when I was away, and I noticed how they changed," he said. "Instead of having this empty space, it's like a presence."

The 34-hour playlist is now on loop at the shelter playing opera to some of the Philadelphia Orchestra's recordings.

"It's a very personal playlist," said Nezet Seguin.

"It's a really unnatural place for these animals to be residing in for any length of time, so anything we can do to create a calmer space for them, they will be in a better state of mind," said Jonathan McDonnell, Director of Operations PSCPA.
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