Raccoon ride-along: Furry critter winds up on officer's moving car

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A Colorado Springs Police Department officer was ''pawsitively surprised'' to discover a raccoon riding on his windshield. (Colorado Springs Police Department/Facebook)

Picture this: You're driving down the road when you spot an animal on your windshield. Now imagine that animal is a raccoon.

That's exactly what happened to one police officer in Colorado Springs when he was responding to a serious injury accident, and the police department said he was "pawsitively surprised."

Officer Frabbiele found a safe place to pull over, snapped a couple quick photos and then continued on his way.

The department's social media fans responded to the incident with humor.

"The racoon [sic] had waited hours for an officer to respond to his call for service and he wasn't about to let the officer go until his issue had been resolved," wrote one.

Another made a reference to Guardians of the Galaxy's Rocket, a notoriously brave raccoon.

"Psst...hey buddy...you seen my pal around?....looks like a small tree....says I am groot a lot...." the commenter wrote.
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