Shelter Me: Easel Animal Rescue League

EWING, N.J. (WPVI) -- It's called the Cat "Pawsitive" Program.

"Where cat behavior specialists, help shelters bring out the adoptability in cats," says Georgia Arvanitis, Vice President at Easel Animal Rescue League.

Easel Animal Rescue League in Ewing, New Jersey adopted the program a year ago.

"We're one of ten shelters throughout the country that is part of this program, so it's a very small, selective group," Arvanitis says.

"To see the change in them from just being a shy cat to just really coming out of their shell is amazing," says Lois Martin, a volunteer at Easel Animal Rescue League.

April 18th is the programs Second Annual National High Five Day.

Snap a picture of your cat high fiving, and you can enter the contest to win a $5,000 grant for your favorite shelter.

"We're going to enter a bunch of cats," Arvanitis says.

Cats like Moo Moo, a four-year-old owner surrender looking for a home.

"Unfortunately, his owner had to move and could not take him with him," says Martin.

Mom Moms is only two-years-old and also an owner surrender.

"When she first came in she was pretty withdrawn," says Michelle Newton, a volunteer at Easel Animal Rescue League.

But since Mom Moms started the program, she's come leaps and bounds.

Bell is still a kitten.

"We're working on getting him comfortable, he has a lot of cage anxiety," Newton says.

He was in a loving foster home and is now struggling with the transition into shelter life.

"He's really doing extremely well, engaging with people and learning to be a little calmer," says Newton.

If you're interested in learning more, visit the Easel Animal Rescue League's website.
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