Shelter Me: Jojo the Grey, a bird rescue agency

UPPER DARBY, Pa. (WPVI) -- This week's Shelter Me report is all about the birds: a local rescue facility trying to help a feathery flock find a home.

Margaret Oulai started Jojo the Grey, an adoption and rescue agency for birds, after adopting a grey parrot named Jojo, who had been badly abused.

"I thought, 'How many other birds are out there suffering the same thing he did?'" she told us.

In the 15 years since, Oulai has given more than 3,000 birds a second chance.

"Our motto is to get the birds adopted within 30 days," said Oulai.

She runs the rescue out of her home in Upper Darby. She relies on volunteers and works closely with the Delaware County Bird Club.

"This is Baby Girl," said Roy Kalbs, the club's president, as he introduced us to a 42-year-old Moluccan Cockatoo.

Birds like Baby Girl have a lifespan of 60 to 65 years.

"It's a total commitment, not like a dog or cat," Kalbs explained. "These are lifetime commitments."

Birds are intelligent, very vocal and social.

"A larger bird likes this has a mental capacity of a 6-year-old human child," said Kalbs, with Baby Girl perched on his shoulder.

The rescue also has a pair of 2-year-old Alexandrine parrots: Lucky and her brother, Captain. They can mimic almost any sound.

"They can pick up microwave sounds, car alarms, cell phones..." said Oulai.

Skylar is a four-year-old Pineapple Green-cheeked parrot.

And there's Betty, a 28-year-old Blue Fronted Amazon parrot. Betty is quite particular and prefers a home with women.

"Not men," Oulai explained. "Sorry."

And finally we met Conrad, a Congo African grey parrot.

He needs a little extra attention, but he's fun and loves to play and sing and talk.

His family loved him, but they weren't able to continue to care for him. So now Conrad is looking for a forever home.

If you are interested in sponsoring or adopting any of these animals, here's the link to Jojo the Grey's website.

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