Abandoned bunnies find a home at NJ sanctuary

LINDENWOLD, N.J. (WPVI) -- Roofers, tree cutters and landscapers are still working on repairs to the Tribbles Rabbit Rescue and Retirement Home in Lindenwold, which was damaged in June's tornado.

Right now 37 of the floppy-eared bunnies are housed at the nonprofit sanctuary run by yoga instructor Lori Mills.

Mills says, "This is my passion, this is my life and I just love it. I love them. God, they give so much more to me then I give it to them."

These abandoned and neglected bunnies wind up here because shelters typically won't take in rabbits. Laurie says that often a rabbit is an impulse buy that the owner eventually regrets.

Mills says, "The parents, they get bunnies for the kids but they get it as a toy. And then after Easter the kids don't want it anymore. Either they dump them or they just surrender them. I take in elder buns, hard to place buns, special-needs you know the whole bit. The sick ones."

Volunteer Vicky Ewald is giving foster care right now to Willow, a 10-week-old bunny with some serious injuries.

Ewald says, "She has a broken front shoulder and she has a broken neck. She's going to have her leg amputated when she weighs enough for surgery. If I hadn't stopped that day and talk to the owner she would have been dead within a week."

Lori Mills welcomes donations to Tribbles, but is currently using her own money to care for the rabbits, hoping to find adoptive homes for as many as she can.

"They all get spayed and neutered before they get a home, and they get their little health check to make sure everything is good. A lot of mine are free roam. They use a litter box and they greet you at the door and I don't know, they're just so pleasant to be around," Mills said.

She also says she'll hop right on any request to adopt or foster these abandoned bunnies.

More information: http://www.mytribblescorp.com/
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