German shepherd, 'Freeway Frida,' stuck 5 weeks on highway median for owner

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A German shepherd fell out her owner's truck and stayed five weeks on the highway median near Sacramento, California for the owner to return.

Officers received calls every day about the animal, but they weren't able to find her for over a month.

Last Saturday, authorities were finally able catch the dog, who has since been nicknamed "Freeway Frida."

"Once CHP was able to get the snare on her, she fought a little bit, but then she subsided and just laid down, and those big brown eyes were looking up at us like 'Please help me,'" said Officer Sylvia Coelho with the Galt Police Department.

Frida will go into surgery to fix a broken leg, which probably happened when she fell from her owner's truck.

An X-ray shows the broken leg suffered by 'Freeway Frida,' the German shepherd that fell off a truck along a NorCal freeway.

Vets say she's well behaved and well trained but did not have a microchip.

"And just the way that she acted when she came in here, you could tell that she was looking for a home for a fact," said Dr. Mike Johnson, a veterinarian.

Officers are still holding out hope her owners will show up. If they don't, Frida will likely go up for adoption.

Veterinarian Dr. Mike Johnson pets 'Freeway Frida,' a German shepherd who fell off a truck along a NorCal freeway.