Owner photoshops dog to be larger than life in viral Instagram photos

Juji is the Goldendoodle turned Instagram darling.

His owner, Chris Cline, is always looking for new Insta-adventures, using Photoshop to transform man's best friend into a larger than life pup!

Cline, a photographer and editing whiz from Minnesota, says he had lost much of his inspiration - until he got Juji.

Together they go on wild, fantastical journeys, whether going for a ride, or canoeing, or just cuddling on the couch.

Cline says he loves that his photos have a "kids book feel" and so does social media! Close to 73,000 people follow their fun.

You can even have a supersized adventure with your own pet too, just shoot Cline a message on Instagram (@christophercline) and chat about the details.

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