Senior dog living out bucket list adventure

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18-year-old dachshund living out his bucket list adventure. (Kate Reidy/Facebook)

From flying on a plane to watching a baseball game, an 18-year-old dachshund is living out his final adventures thanks to his foster mom.

Morgan was adopted by Kate Reidy from Lee County Domestic Animal Services (LCDAS) in Fort Myers, Florida. He was brought to the facility after his original owner died, according to ABC News.

"I really think he does enjoy himself," Reidy, 30, of Fort Meyers told ABC News. "Our adventures are usually an hour long, if that. I do think he enjoys it. Whenever I have his leash by the door ready to go, he runs right over. Maybe the day he doesn't run to the door, I'll know it's time to dial back."

"He loves to explore," she added. "Whenever we go out people pick him up and hug him and I think that's also something he enjoys."
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